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There’s something to be said about the pure joy of a headache brought on by several hours worth of writing. Whether what I’ve written is any good will wait until tomorrow, when I can read it with fresh eyes. That said, it feels good.

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Write more fanfiction!

I loved writing fanfiction in high school, and I sincerely believe every aspiring writer should write some once. I mean, here’s why:
1. A lot of good writers published fanfiction with public domain figures, like Dracula or Sherlock Holmes, so don’t feel ashamed if you write a lot of fanfiction.
2. Fanfiction is good for learning how to keep characters IN character. If you practice on other people’s characters, it’ll help you with your own later.
3. With the ability to put your fanfiction online, you’ll get feedback and develop better as a writer.
4. And lastly, it’s the fastest way to see if you’ve got the touch, because the internet is not shy about letting you know what it thinks of you.

So, yeah. Write your fanfiction. Just remember that it’s training for your later stories.

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